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Sometimes our ideas flow from an existing kit to bash, a house style to scratch (aka custom) build, or from an interesting doll who needs a place to live. Our settings are always modern-day (ca. 2001 when we started this hobby). We try to create things that will make people smile and feel good.

We think that if we had to build the same house twice, we literally could not do it! Fortunately, we have very unique little people who have definite opinions and so far, no one has wanted a house “like so-and-so” has.

We work as a family unit: my wonderful husband, my beautiful sister, and I. We don't always agree as to the direction of the build, but I think that we end up with a better dollhouse because of all our grumblings -- and we do have a lot of fun!

The Purpose of this Blog

We needed a place for all we wanted to say about the background of the build and the nuts and bolts of the design and build process. Thus this blog.

All our dolls' homes have families living in them and a story is built around their personalities and lifestyles. This story is an integral part of our building process. We would like to share these stories -- actually, the little people insist upon it!

Many of our houses are located in Fredericksburg, Virginia because that is my sister's favorite place.

Also, we have started a Rouges' Gallery with photos of our little people and information about the dolls.

If you would like to start with the dollhouse that "started it all", it is the Original Rowbottom Manse; if you would like to see the scratch-built Georgian that our first build gave us the confidence (or fool-hardiness) to do, it is Sunnybrook Farm.

Let the stories begin!

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Monday, April 30, 2012

La Malcontenta, YouTube, and poor Fred

Well, a week of small accomplishments, of non-accomplishments, and of frustration.

La Malcontenta:
This has been a strange week for some reason. I have been trying to accomplish finishing the interior of La Malcontenta, but the more I poke at the dollhouse, the more I find to do and sometimes change--which is deadly. I have decided to buy the Clare-Bell black “wrought iron” chandelier for the den.
Clare-Bell chandelier for den.
The one there now is just a placeholder but its time has come to go!!! I did get the crown moulding up and I think I am going to add some table lamps or floor lamps… maybe … somewhere in the room. The crown moulding is a combo of Home Depot small detail moulding and the Victorian baseboard from HBS.
Den composite crown moulding

Den crown moulding in place.

--The Living and Dining Rooms and Poor Fred:
The living room finally got its table lamps by the loveseat. Of course, I had neglected to drill a hole at the back of the room for the wires to go out the back when I was building. So I had to take everything out of the room to drill and pull wires—YUK!! The lamps are just what I wanted – a torchiere style table lamp from HBS.

I do have another problem to solve with regard to the living room chandelier. The "sticky pad" supplied with it to hold it to the ceiling gave way (which I thought it would), and since it fits flush against the ceiling, I have to devise another way to hold it up firmly, but still allow me to lower the chandelier if I have to replace a bulb. My husband and I are still percolating on this. Right now, the light is pulled out of the house since it was just being held up by its wires!
See the lamps in situ. Then disregard the crooked picture and see the crooked chandelier hanging by its wires!

I did the interior decoration on the dollhouse door for the living room and den, and that took more time with more problems than I wanted.
External door for living room and den.
I have also finished the dining room side dollhouse door (except for the moulding over the arch of the kitchen door) which also took more time with more problems than I wanted.
External door for dining room, kitchen, master bedroom, bathroom.
I have to redo the floor in the dining room—I didn’t like it after I did it—and still don’t like it—so it has to go. Of course this means removing all the furniture, etc, etc, and etc.

And then there are about a thousand other little things here and there—this all makes my head hurt.

I am planning to re-do the dining room floor, and then go back Sunnybrook Farm—Fred is very upset that his workshop is still not finished! But at least he has a nice table saw! The sewing room is almost finished. Of course, if the chandelier comes from Clare-bell, then I will put that in, and then go back to Fred.
Fred is hanging a light in the workshop while Giuseppe watches.

Molly likes her sewing room which is almost finished (as opposed to "poor Fred's workshop"!
YouTube Videos
We have been making “videos” for YouTube, another nerve-wracking experience. Is anything ever easy? Of course NOT.

We just added two new videos:

-- Sunnybrook Farm Exterior Views (a walk around)

-- Sunnybrook Brook Farm’s Ground Floor


A week or so ago, we added the first two:

--Dollhouse Overview (Exterior views of our dollhouses)

--Sunnybrook Farm’s 1st Floor

I hope you enjoy them. They are about three minutes each.

You can also get to the videos from the We are on YouTube image at the top of our blog in the sidebar, or you can go to YouTube and put “irismarchcreations” in the search box.
Sorry this blog has no "glitz" and is really a "blah" blog.


  1. Have you thought about using the museum wax for your living room ceiling? I've had very good luck with that stuff holding things.

  2. c'est maison est superbe, excellent choix pour le lustre !

  3. You have such good ideas. Love the molding. I'll be taking a trip to HD to look for this.
    Right now I'm off to UTUBE. Have a great day.

  4. Oh well done Iris!
    The yout ube videos werea pleasure to look at. You have made some beautiful projects. It is evident that a lot of time, thought and love has gone into each one. I think that's what I most love about your work...the rooms reflect the love of the builder.
    As for the chandeliers, I am going to try using Silicone adhesive in Dewell Manor. From what I read it remains pliable and fixture can be removed easily with a razor saw when the bulb needs replacing. I haven't tested this yet, so proceed with caution, but I think it might work.
    I think we all suffer from that...when a certain amount of work is done, we look to renovate. One way or the other, I think your miniatures are wonderful and I enjoy every minute i spend on your blog.
    Have a wonderful week!
    Big hug,

  5. Hi Iris!

    I love your YouTube videos! Your houses have such an appeal to them. Though of divergent styles and periods, they all have that 'signature Iris' touch!

    (That 'Occupy Sunnybrook' shot still gives me a grin)!

  6. Goodness, Iris! You have been Very busy in the Filming Studio!!!! Great videos! They make everything look so finished! (Even though I know you are still making changes!)

  7. omg! iris the videos are awesome! congratulations.
    I'm impressed.
    hugs cris :)

  8. Hi Iris! You are a Winner of my Blog Giveaway! Could you send me your address? I will send you a pair of the Wedding Topiaries!

  9. Hello Iris March!
    Your "blog" is anything BUT blah.......totally enjoyable my dear....... You have a wonderful imagination and a huge talent to be able to come up with all the ideas you accomplish. Be assured that we all do things we don't end up liking, myself inluded. It is just one of those :Life" moments that we learn from. I love your "Youtube videos" and every project you show.
    Your pal and friend, Ray